Dental Care During The Holidays

Dental Care During The HolidaysThe holidays are a wonderful time. There is a chill in the air and you get to spend time with your loving family and share meaningful gifts and memories with each other. Not to mention all the great holiday sweets and treats!

From cake to candy, there are tons of sweetness to get your hands on. As much as you may enjoying this, your teeth probably aren’t sharing the same experience. All those tasty holiday foods could be damaging your teeth and oral health if you’re not careful. Though we certainly don’t want to ruin your holiday experience, you may want to follow a few of these tips to avoid any dental trouble during this holiday season.

Consider putting in some extra brushing and flossing time

As mentioned before, the holidays are full of wonderful sweets and treats. In order to keep your teeth healthy you need to be able counter all that sweetness. So why not try to do a little extra brushing and flossing during this holiday season. Normally you only need to brush twice a day and floss once per day. However, during the holidays you should up your dental hygiene by brushing after every meal.

Do not use your teeth to open everything

When you’re excited to open your present, you may not feel patient enough to find the scissor and use your teeth to break it open. Or maybe you’re trying to loosen a bottle cap so you can enjoy a nice drink of soda or juice. However, this is a terrible idea and may cause your teeth to need replacing later on. So for the health of your teeth, get out the scissors and save yourself some trouble.

Be careful which sweets you choose to munch on

With all these delicious holiday foods and treats, you may not know which to eat first. While you’re deciding on which sweet to begin with, why not consider which ones will do less damage to your teeth. Try to limit yourself on caramels and taffy candy that can easily get stuck between your teeth.

It is also important to note that not all sweets are meant to be chewed. Hard candies and ice cubes can greatly damage your mouth when munched on and can lead to cracked or chipped teeth.

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