Best Amazon FBA Keyword Tools in 2019

In such a competitive e-commerce environment, it’s not enough to just place your products on a market such as Amazon and wait for sales. You must make sure that you’ve done all that you can to reach your potential customer.

In order to do so, you first need to understand the needs and demands of your future customers. This is no easy task, but luckily there are a lot of best fba tools out there that can assist Amazon sellers in understanding who their buyers are.

Amazon is one of the largest search engines in the world for eCommerce and general product inquiries. In fact, a third of all product searches begin on Amazon. However, because it is a marketplace like no other, with close to 500 million products in alone, it is not the best place to browse and discover new products.

For that reason, Amazon users are extremely purchase-focused. They enter the search term for what they want and check out. And since they aren’t there to search randomly, they want maximum speed and efficiency. Amazon didn’t patent the one-click checkout for anything!

So, because Amazon shoppers have such a high purchase intent, it is extremely important for you as a seller to appear at the top of the list when they search for any phrase that is remotely related to your product.

In Helium 10 review, I’ll show you exactly how we’re using it to find and evaluate new product ideas, conduct keyword research, optimize our listings, and track our success – so hopefully, you can do the same.

Why Use a Keyword Tool for Amazon

Amazon is the largest online shopping marketplace in the world visited by nearly 200 million people every day. It has more than 100 million Amazon Prime members and netted over US$170 billion in sales in 2017. And this is why this e-commerce giant is a gold mine for Amazon FBA sellers and Amazon affiliates.

Can you imagine if you are able to capture the attention of just a small percentage of the millions of visitors on Amazon? It is not easy but definitely possible. Amazon is a great place for sellers, but it is also highly competitive. You need to start by selling good products. Then, you need to start promoting it.

The best way to increase your chances of getting a sale is by making sure that your products can be easily searched and found on Amazon. You will need to use relevant keywords and optimize your Amazon listing well. When your Amazon product is optimized well, more shoppers will be able to easily find your Amazon page. And this increases your chance of getting many sales.

This can be easily done with the Keyword Tool for Amazon. Just enter a keyword related to the product you are selling and Keyword Tool will give hundreds of Amazon search terms and show you how often people are searching for them.

What are the advantages of using the right keywords?

Using the right keywords is extremely important for two reasons.

It optimizes your product listing for Amazon’s search engine. Your product gets indexed for the keywords. Based on the keywords in the listing and the backend search terms the product listing gets displayed for a search with the keywords.

Using the right keywords in your Amazon listing is like “speaking the same language” as the Amazon shopper. By matching the keywords in your listing, your product can be organically seen and recognized by the searcher interested in your space. The right keywords connect the dots between the buyer’s keystrokes and your product. Also, the shopper gets a clear idea of your product.

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