Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding Is the Process of Applying a Tooth-Colored Composite Material to Improve the Appearance of a Tooth

Cosmetic bonding is a thin layer of tooth-colored plastic that is applied to the front of your teeth and sculpted to restore your smile. The bonding material can be made of a composite resin or a plastic that hardens and fuses to your tooth when the dentists at Island Dental Associates shine a light in the area.

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The dental bonding experience requires a few steps. This includes applying an etching solution to your tooth or teeth so that they are able to have a stronger bond between the bonding material and your teeth. Then a thin layer of the bonding material is placed on your teeth and is sealed in place, using a special light. You may wind up with several layers of material that need to be added and hardened a layer at a time. The final step is to sculpt the bonded material to the shape of your tooth and ensure that the material matches the shade of your natural teeth. Then it is polished until it is smooth. The dental bonding process can take up to two hours but the results can last for years.

Dental bonding can help:

  • Correct the shape of a tooth that has chipped
  • Fix the appearance of a cracked tooth
  • Give you a more even tooth color
  • Preserve the structure of your tooth

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