Open Palate Implant Supported Dentures

Open Palate Implant Supported Dentures


Although there are still many alternatives available, implant-supported dentures are largely considered to be one of the best options out there. They provide all the benefits of normal dentures with a number of advantages wearers all seem to agree put them a cut above.

Implant-supported dentures are the natural extension of the more traditional version.

So in place of these adhesives were put surgical implants. Actual metal was inserted into the wearer’s jaw to ensure dentures stayed attached, securely, whenever they were worn. The open palate design simply meant there was no unnecessary middle rubbing up against the roof of the mouth.

There are two types of open palate implant-supported dentures: those retained with attachments and those with bars. Being that they’re both held in with an implant, it really comes down to a personal preference over which one is superior.

The snap-on over-denture allows for the denture to snap on (also known as Stud-Attachment Dentures) function with a ball and socket design in order.  The attachment provides stability and retention

With a bar-retained open palate implant support denture, the mechanism is much the same and the result is exact. Implants in this scenario span the jaw and allow a metal bar to run along the inside of it. The dentures themselves have clips that attach to that bar when they’re being worn.  It provides superior retention and stability.

Again, the difference is largely up to the wearer to decide or the dentist to recommend. The finished product, however, is unrivaled security for the wearer.

When you add to this the open palate that provides an even more realistic look and unencumbered feel, it’s hard to beat open palate implant-supported dentures. Best of all, the wearer feels more comfortable with them in, meaning they won’t have to hold back from talking, laughing, yawning, eating, etc.

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