Mini Implant Supported Denture

Mini Implant Supported Dentures

Mini implant supported dentures can be inserted and used to anchor dentures if you don’t have enough of a jawbone to support larger dental implants and can be accomplished usually in one visit.

Mini implant-supported dentures are another example of just how far technology has come in its ability to work with people who have lost their teeth.

Permanent dentures look like the traditional kind in that they cover the entire gum and provide artificial teeth. However, the wearer’s gums are actually outfitted with implants. The exposed part of the implant and the inside of the dentures both have mechanisms that allow them to attach to one another when the wearer puts their teeth in. Once attached, there’s just no moving them. These dentures will sit flush against the gum, disallowing any food particles from getting in, but letting the wearer chew, all the same, talk like they used to, laugh without a care, etc.

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