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A flipper tooth is a removable temporary tooth replacement that serves as a placeholder while a more permanent solution has been determined. A flipper tooth is affordable, appears relatively natural, easy to wear and can give you time to heal while your tooth area is still sensitive.

A flippers tooth is a temporary acrylic removable partial denture that gives the appearance of a full smile. While they are meant for temporary usage, flipper teeth have helped countless people over the years and may be the solution you need. A flipper tooth after an extraction is one of the most common uses of a flipper tooth. Your gums may be sore and need time to heal and a flipper tooth is a gentle solution that will protect your gums while they heal and make you less self-conscious when you smile.

Flipper teeth are extremely lightweight yet temporary partial dentures that serve as placeholders in your mouth. As soon as a more permanent solution is determined, the flipper teeth are removed.

In the meantime, the dentists at Island Dental Associates will take a mold of your tooth so that a flipper mold can be made prior to extracting your tooth. This gives you less time spent without a tooth and provides you with real health benefits. Besides making chewing and talking easier, flipper teeth have decreased the amount of bone loss you may have as a result of losing your tooth. Because flipper teeth are made from acrylic resin they can quickly be fabricated and introduced into your mouth.

Flipper teeth are a temporary solution until a more permanent solution has been determined.

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