Complete Full Upper and Lower Dentures

Complete Full Upper and Lower

Complete dentures, also known as full dentures are a removable upper and lower set of either porcelain or acrylic teeth that are held together by an acrylic or metal base. When you have lost all or most of your teeth a complete upper and lower set of dentures can help you regain your confidence to smile once again.

Depending on your dental needs, you could need one of a number of different types of dentures. For those whose mouths are missing teeth both across the top and the bottom, complete full upper and lower dentures might be necessary.

Note that you don’t need to be missing all your teeth for these dentures to be the right choice. However, people who are missing a large amount are generally better off by having a complete denture done. Dentures can be made with a clear palate or different shades of acrylic to match your gums and any style of teeth. We hand made thousands of dentures and can certainly help you.

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