Guided Surgery

With guided surgery, we can now fully assess and emphasize the results from the tests. Furthermore, with this information and capability, we can truly provide advice to our clients as to what the best course of action is. 

We at Island Dental Associates can offer a resilient procedure by using an open design which allows the dentist to choose their favored guide manufacturer or even treatment planning software to help them with their tasks.

Guided surgery allows dentists to form a restorative inspired surgical procedure that posits only positive outcomes. There are actually several guided opportunities that are available today. All the dentist must do is to simply choose the option with the best possible outcome for every precise case. The decision to choose between a mucosal, tooth or bone-borne design in any of the unique clinical situation; however, with guided surgery, there is confidence-building.

With a guided surgery, the dentist is assisted throughout the procedure; thus minimizing any form of damage to anatomic structures. In addition, the dentist gets to limit fenestration as well as dehiscence of the alveolar ridge at any potential implant sites.

Guided surgery is also a term that describes the advancements used to successfully install dental implants.

Since implants were designed to combat problems below the gum line, the initial plan for placement worked beneath the gums. Today’s imaging technology and specialized tools help dental professionals to accurately predict and place the implant to improve the outcome of the appearance above the gumline.

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The biggest difference offered at Island Dental Associates is that we know the dental processes and we know the right equipment that can effectively be used to create a successful outcome. With our experienced dental specialists, you can rest assured that you will live a life with better oral health and dental hygiene. Call us 516.271.0769 today to schedule an appointment or just to learn more about how we can help you.</h5

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