Rockville Centre Residents: Get Comprehensive Dental Services From One Location

It is never easy finding a good dentist you like. Things are even worse if you need to find separate dentists for general procedures, specialists for your individual needs, and one for cosmetic services. Fortunately, our office has all of these different types of dentists available all under one roof. The following are some of dental services that we provide at Island Dental Associates.

Periodontic Services

It can be difficult to find a periodontist that you are completely comfortable with. That is why we have taken care of that hard part for you and gathered together the finest professionals from all over the state. Along with the many other types of dental services that we provide, you now can receive all of the periodontic services that you need right here at the same office.

A periodontist is a type of dentist that has received specialist training that relates to periodontal disease. There are also several other treatments and services they provide that don’t specifically relate to treating periodontal disease. For example, dental implant procedures are often performed by a periodontist since they have in-depth knowledge of the structures supporting the teeth, such as bones and gums.

Whenever possible, we prefer offering non-surgical periodontal treatment. We want our patients to be given the best care possible in the least invasive way. However, whenever necessary, the needed dental surgeries can be performed by our periodontal professionals.

Endodontic Services

An endodontist, similar to a periodontist, is a dentist who has undergone additional training and education that relates to certain specialties. The specialization of an endodontist relates to the inner part of the tooth. They have an extensive understanding, in particular, of dental pulp and the overall role it plays in dental health.

Root canals are something that most people are familiar with. However, even if you have never had one, most likely you have heard how painful a root canal can be. An endodontic specialist performs this procedure. We understand that many people are afraid of this particular procedures, and for that reason we employ the very best specialists from around the state. On our root canal procedures we have sedation available, like with most of the other procedures that we provide.

Cosmetic And General Dentistry

Finally, we provide all of the cosmetic and general dental procedures that you will need in order to stay confident with smile and for your mouth to stay healthy. The services we offer include gum inspections, check-ups, teeth whitening procedures, dentures along with diagnosing and treating dental health issues. Up until now, you would have needed to research and local multiple dental offices that were capable of handling all of the unique obs. However, you do not have to search any longer since all of these services are provided by us under one roof.

The above map show directions from the Long Island Railroad station in Rockville Centre to Island Dental Associates.

More Facts Relating to Rockville Centre, NY

Rockville Centre is an incorporated village located in Nassau County, New York. At the time of the 2010 census, the village had a total population of 24,023.

It is in the southwestern section of the Town of Hempstead.

Rockville Centre has five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

The third season episode Long Island, of Dave Attell’s television show Insomniac featured several locales in Rockville Centre, including Stinger’s Irish Pub, the LIRR station, and the comedian’s home.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Rockville Centre is mentioned as the home-destination of both Joel Barish (Carrey) and Clementine Kruczynski (Winslet) when the two play hooky from work.

Edward Burns has filmed scenes of several of his films in Rockville Centre.

It is home to The Phillips House museum, Harold Walker Memorial Park, and Tanglewood Preserve.

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