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“I had teeth that were broken, I had teeth that were missing… now that everything is finished, it’s truly amazing what Island Dental has done for my smile! Island Dental has given me back the smile that I always should have had.”

Phil, Valley Stream

For people with missing teeth dental implants can completely change your life. Properly placed implants can give you the ability to eat almost any type of food you enjoy and will allow you to smile with confidence once again.

Sometimes people wonder if implants are safe. the fact is that they certainly are and can be used with people who even have gum disease, have missing teeth, or even for those who smoke.

Implants are titanium posts that get inserted into the jaw bone. After the implant bonds with the existing bone to provide a solid foundation, the replacement tooth looks, feels and function like a normal tooth. Furthermore, implants prevent the bone deterioration that typically results when a tooth is missing.

The dental implants are placed gently into the missing area. You go to work the same day with minimal discomfort! You will NEVER be without teeth. Your denture will be adjusted the SAME day to fit over the area. After a period of healing, typically about 3-4 months, a replacement tooth can be placed.

While most procedures are done with just local anesthetics, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and sedation is always available for anxious patients. All procedures are done by our board-certified periodontist.

Our dentist in our state of the art facility always uses the most advanced technology including instant, comfortable digital X-rays. Each treatment room is equipped with high definition flat screen televisions and WiFi access to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Island Dental Associate’s dental implants are so natural-looking and feeling,
you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

Full Service Dental Lab On Site
At Island Dental Associates, we have a full on-site lab that includes all of the advanced digital planning tools for guided surgery as well as a dedicated surgery suite designed for exceptional outcomes.