Whether trauma, severe periodontal disease, abscess, or big cavity, some teeth may not be restorable. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes teeth have to come out. Our highly skilled dentist perform these extractions including wisdom teeth! We numb you up the same way you would get a filling. We gently remove the teeth and clean out the infection. You go to work the same day! Our in office lab can construct a same day denture so you will never be without any teeth!

While most procedures are done with just local anesthetics, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and sedation is always available for anxious patients. Our dentist in our state of the art facility always uses the most advanced technology including instantaneous, comfortable digital X-rays. Each treatment room is equipped with high definition flat screen televisions and with WiFi accessibility to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

What Patients Are Saying…

“I had a broken wisdom tooth and since I recently moved to the area and didn’t have a dentist yet I called Island Dental. They were able to get me in and actually called me back because they were running late and didn’t want me sitting waiting. I saw Dr Gupta and he showed me what was going on with my tooth and recomended it be removed. He was very proffessional and has a good sense of humor. He was very good giving novacaine, I didn’t even feel it. He let my wife know in the waiting room how long I would be and went over all the instructions when he was done. The next day the office called to see how I was doing and o call them if I needed anything. I found myself a dentist and will be scheduling my cleanings. I recommend them to anyone who needs a dentist. – Frank LaManna”

After-care instructions usually focus on pain relief and healthy healing. We may recommend that you place a cold pack or an ice bag on your cheek. You should avoid activities that may hinder healing such as smoking, drinking through a straw, and vigorously brushing or rinsing your teeth. Your Island Dental Associates dentist may recommend that you alter your diet initially to include soft foods.

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