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For over three decades, Island Dental Associates has repaired and relined dentures for Long Island and the Five Boroughs communities. Whether to improve a denture’s fit with a simple reline or retrofitting them by replacing the entire acrylic base, known as rebasing, we’re here to help.

Soft Reline
Soft denture Relines, the most preferred option, are performed chairside and completed in our on-site dental laboratory. The denture is layered with a soft liquid polymer to add cushion and depth. Typically a soft reline needs to be done more often than a hard reline.

Hard Reline
Hard relines are completed in our office and on-site lab like soft relines. Instead of liquid polymer, a rigid material, such as acrylic, is used and is more like the actual denture base itself.

Here are a few warning signs that could indicate it’s time for a reline:

  • You’ve developed areas of irritation on your gums.
  • You’re having difficulty chewing your food due to slipping or shifting dentures.
  • It’s been many years since your last reline.
  • You’re experiencing prolonged periods of discomfort.
  • You’ve developed a fungal infection in the oral cavity.

Here at Island Dental Associates, we can reline, rebase, repair, and make 3-D digital scans for your dentures right in our office. With our on-site laboratory, we can repair or reline your dentures on the same day as your visit.

Call (516) 271-0765 or Request Your Free Denture Consultation online and get your dentures repaired or relined with just one visit. Ensure that you are never without your teeth, not even for a day.

Need Us to come to You for your denture reline? 
We offer dental house calls for denture repairs and relines. Call (516) 727-7394 for more information. You can also schedule an appointment online here.

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