Full and Partial Dentures

full-partial-denturesThere are various options for those who are missing teeth. Complete full upper and lower dentures might be necessary for those who are missing teeth across both the top and the bottom. You don’t need to be missing all your teeth for these dentures to be the right choice. However, people who are missing a large amount are generally better off by having a complete denture done.

For the most part, there are two options available to those who want complete full upper and lower dentures. The first one is the traditional option where a mold will be taken and dentures made. You will need to adhere them to your gums during the day and take them out at night to clean. This choice is very affordable, however it may not be the most comfortable option. It may limit your ability to speak and affect the way you eat, smile or cough.

Many people opt to have their complete full upper and lower dentures implanted. This is a far more expensive procedure, however it will ensure that you don’t have any of the issues listed above. It will begin with an initial diagnosis and inspection of your mouth. You can expect to make more than one visit to your doctor before the actual treatment begins.

Usually, this process involves multiple implants being inserted across the jawbone. This forms what is known as a fixed bridge. This first step is extremely important, as it will determine how well your dentist is able to fabricate and set your new teeth.

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