Resurge Customer Reviews 2020 Dental Lab on Premises | Same-Day Denture Repair or Relines

Lab on Premises

dentistfixingdenturesAt Island Dental Associates we offer our patients the convenience of an onsite dental lab where we create all of the dental restorations, implants, veneers and other materials needed to achieve a happy and healthy smile.

Having a lab within our facility means that materials are made faster and more efficiently with your individual smile in mind. If adjustments are needed they as well can be made quickly within our lab.

An onsite lab eliminates the often lengthy waiting period for restorations to be made and allows patients to enjoy the smile they desire much sooner.

All of our restorative and cosmetic devices are made by our highly talented and experienced team. Some of our services include:

  • Same Day Repairs and Relines
  • Custom Shade Matching
  • Immediate Tooth Replacement
  • Dentures While You Wait
  • Night Guards
  • Bleaching Trays
  • Sports Guards

Our extremely qualified lab technicians allow you to design the smile of your dreams and the one you deserve! With shorter wait times and fully customized materials, our patients are more than satisfied with our lab.

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We offer FREE consultations for all services, as well as 0% financing for 48-Month for all services performed in our office.
*for new patients only

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