3 Procedures to Fix Pointy Teeth

Is Cosmetic Dentistry For You?Are you ashamed of those few point teeth of yours? There are several cosmetic dentistry procedures available that can help you fix those problem teeth. Here are some of the options that you have:


These are thin coverings that are fit over your teeth. They are bonded so that the front of each tooth is completely covered. Consult your dentist for a recommendation as to the best types and shapes of veneers for you. Properly fitted veneers look great and cover up any pointy teeth.

Dental Contouring

This procedure is also called tooth reshaping. With dental contouring, the dentist will take off small amounts of the enamel and thereby reshape the problem teeth. The amount of enamel that is taken off is minimal, so it will not harm the integrity or function of the teeth. A dental reshaping gets rid of points on teeth by removing them or reducing them.

Teeth Bonding

With teeth bonding, a dentist attaches a composite resin adhesive to the teeth so as to reshape them. The procedure will reshape the pointy teeth but be aware of one small drawback. The resin can stain or chip in a few years. Be ready to consult with your dentist than to have the resin reapplied. The teeth bonding option alters the shape of the teeth and corrects the points with the added resin making it a worthwhile procedure.

A Few Things to Consider

Note that the process of fixing pointed teeth is considered cosmetic and not necessary for your dental health. For this reason, it is rare that insurance will cover any of these procedures. If you do not have the money to pay for your procedure you can ask your dentist for finance options. Some will finance you in-house and others will offer payment plans. You may also try alternate forms of financing like personal loans or credit cards.

One other thing to consider is that not all these options will be right for you. If you have less enamel on your teeth, for example, your dentist might suggest you avoid the teeth contour option. It could weaken your teeth.

Do your own research and also find a dentist who can offer you sincere and professional advice. After getting a cosmetic procedure you must visit your dentist regularly to be sure that things are working out for you. A dentist can catch any problem early on so that it can be fixed.

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