Implant Stabilized Dentures are a Great Improvement

People who come to the realization that they will need dentures are disappointed that their natural teeth are so damaged they can no longer be fixed.

Denture wearers typically experience mouth sores and difficulty eating. Small particles work their way under the denture, so foods that have seeds or are hard to chew are avoided.

Dental implants first became available a few decades ago, but they were very expensive and dental insurance would not cover the cost. In addition, not everyone was a candidate for dental restoration using implants. The process could take months of preparation, allowing the titanium screw time to become “ossified” to the existing bone before the actual tooth could be placed. Dentists also required that patients were not suffering from any serious health issues such as cardiac problems, diabetes or cancer.

Implant technology has made some important advances since the beginning, and mini-implants now make the process much faster and easier. This means there will not be un-ending appointments that drive the cost higher and higher. In fact, some dentists state a mini-implant can be placed in just one visit. Of course, there will be previous appointments to determine the correct measurement and placement of the much smaller screws before they can be placed.

Anchoring dentures with implants is a procedure known as “all on 4”, which refers to the four implants needed to hold the dentures securely in place. This type of dental restoration allows the patient to eat and talk naturally, and the dentures feel nearly as good as their natural teeth.

While implant secured dentures are held firmly in place, they can be removed for cleaning and simply snapped back in place. The titanium screws required for this procedure are very small, so the cost is minimal due to the greatly reduced number of appointments needed for completion.

Once the implant supported dentures are in place, nobody will ever be able to tell the patient does not have their natural teeth. They will be able to talk and chew naturally, and their health will be better because they will be able to eat health raw fruits and vegetables.

The patient should be in good general health and smokers will not be approved for any type of dental implant procedure. While implant supported dentures is a great advancement in oral health, it is unlikely that the procedure will be covered by any current insurance plans.

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