What Exactly Are Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a good option for those that are looking to replace missing teeth and who cannot or don’t want conventional restorations. Some people simply do not want to get the surgery done for standard implants. After all, with surgery comes risk.

Those who don’t want to take the risk associated with having surgery for dental implants might be a good candidate for mini dental implants. Below, we will discuss some things you should know about mini dental implants and how you would care for them.

What Are They?

Mini dental implants are similar to traditional dental implants in structure. They are going to be much smaller than traditional implants. Each mini implant features two distinct parts to it. Not only does it have a titanium post with a ball on the end, but it also has a socket that features a rubber O-ring in order to effectively attach the implant to the post. Mini implants are much smaller than standard implants.

What Are They For?

These smaller implants are capable of supporting a lot of different kinds of replacement teeth. For those that would otherwise require fixed crowns, bridges, or even dentures, these would be viable alternatives. Along with replacing the above, they would also be perfectly fine with helping to secure lower arch dentures as well.

Some Options To Consider:

Because surgery is not always the best option, mini implants present another option that you can consider. Whether its a better option or not is likely going to depend on your individual circumstances. For one, some might not be able to get standard dental implants because they have lost an exorbitant amount of bone mass in their jaw which would cause their jaws to be an unsuitable environment to fully support a standard implant. Whereas, some might not be able to opt for invasive oral surgery for health reasons. Regardless, mini implants can present a better option for some individuals with unique dental health or general health circumstances.

Overall, there are a lot of things that you will want to learn about these kinds of implants compared to standard sized implants. They offer an alternative that is far less invasive than standard implant surgery. Because of this, they will be an ideal option for those that either want to avoid dental surgery or those that simply cannot opt for invasive dental surgery due to various forms of complications. You should care for these implants as you would natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing.

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