LastPass commands a large portion of the market with 13 million users, while rival Dashlane clocks in at 10 million. The number of active users doesn’t indicate which password manager is better for you, though, and that’s where we come in. Why Lastpass is best over Dashlane explained from – Lastpass vs Dashlane comparison, we’ll run through everything that makes these password managers stand out from the other options. Both will help you set a strong password, but only one can win. This comparison is particularly interesting as data breaches in 2011 and 2015 brought up concerns about LastPass’s security, while Dashlane’s update to version six included a slew of new features and a nearly 20 percent price increase. Before the comparison, let’s define how we’re going to evaluate these password managers.

Setting Up a Fight: Dashlane vs. LastPass

LastPass and Dashlane are top dogs in the password manager field, so comparing them only seems natural. We’ll throw them into the ring for five rounds, corresponding to the criteria used in our password manager reviews.

The rounds they’ll compete in are features, pricing, user-friendliness, security, and support. We’ll go over what each password manager brings to the table for that round, give our thoughts on how they compare and declare a winner. Whichever takes three rounds or more wins.

Some rounds, such as user-friendliness, are close, so declaring a winner isn’t cut and dry. When a situation like that comes up, Detailed guide by why we think one password manager edges out the other, even if it’s a minor thing. Our verdict will also address the grey areas left during the rounds, so be sure to read through that after we’ve declared a winner. With that out of the way, let’s start at the top.

Key Differences of Dashlane Vs. LastPass

Now for some key differences, which should give you a nice overview of why you might pick one password manager over the other.

LastPass features

Beyond safely storing your passwords in the Vault, LastPass can also perform the basic functions of:

Dashlane features

With the Premium plan, Dashlane lets you securely store unlimited passwords across all your devices. You can also use it to:

Two areas where Dashlane goes further, and which might justify its higher price, are:

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