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Computer Guided Dental Implants

Dr. Vikas Mittle reviewing a 3D scan

Dr. Vikas Mittle reviewing a 3D scan

Computer guided dental implant surgery is a procedure in which a template or surgical guide is made utilizing advanced technology we offer at Island Dental Associates.

We are able to use 3D Scan software that allows us to create a virtual procedure on a patient and view if he or she is a good candidate for an implant. This also allows the placement of an implant in a very precise position.

With the 3D Scan we can also evaluate the amount of bone and determine whether or not a patient needs a bone graft.

The incredible precision offered by this computer guided surgery allows us to virtually eliminate the need of large incisions and sutures during implant placement. It also allows our implant dentists to mill the guide with a CAD/CAM milling unit in the office. Milling in our office eliminates the standard two weeks for guide fabrication and allows us to potentially place your implant the same day. This technique also reduces the duration of the procedure, minimized discomfort and speedy recovery.

3D Imaging

Island Dental is one of the few local dentists to employ a CT-Scan for 3D imaging and guided dental implant delivery. This “cat scan” technology is one of the latest developments to make implant delivery precise.

Precise delivery means a healthy, long-lasting implant – and a happy patient.

Patients are comfortably seated in our state-of-the-art CT-scan equipment. The scan is completely painless, and within seconds the data is available to evaluate important jaw structures.

The cat scan technology allows our implant specialist to observe accurate and detailed images of your teeth, gum tissues, and jawbone. This level of detail may not easily be viewed in a regular x-ray. The cat scan allows the dental surgeon to determine the exact spot where the implant can be placed. It also allows us to plan your post-operation treatment accordingly.

Without 3D imaging, an ordinary implant dentist would only be able to see the full extent of your dental health during the surgery itself. Complications such as loss of bone density may cause the surgery time to lengthen. Such unplanned procedures will cost you more time to heal, and more in expenses. At our advanced implant dentistry facility in Franklin Square, Long Island, an implant procedure can be completed much faster. Because our 3D imaging allows us to see the actual width and density of your bone, it’s much quicker for him to determine the perfect implant placement before the actual surgery occurs.

The Result: natural-looking dental implants completed without any inconvenient procedures.

To learn more please call us to schedule a free 3d scan and consultation.

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