Get Your Dentures The Same DayHaving relines, repairs, and new dentures made is a part of wearing dentures, and the part that most people dread is the time they need to spend without their needed teeth while these processes are being done. At Island Dental Associates, we know how important it is for all of our patients to have their needed teeth, so our on-site denture lab allows us to provide you with your dentures the same day.

If you’re looking to have new dentures made, you don’t have to worry about going without your teeth when you come to us. After your consultation, you’ll be able to have a brand new and perfectly fitted set of dentures created as you pick them up the same day, allowing you to not have to go through any time without your teeth.

Denture relines are undoubtedly important when it comes to maintaining well-fitting and healthy dentures, and this is a regular process for those who wear the devices. At Island Dental Associates, we want to keep this process one that is convenient for all of our Long Island area patients, and we do this by providing you with your relines during the course of a single visit. At our office, we are able to fit you for your new reline, and send your dentures to our on-site lab to have them fitted just for you, and you’ll be able to leave our office with sturdier and better fitting dentures in a single day. (more…)